Found A Growth Mindset For Boys Journal

We were browsing Amazon for books for Ray and Ry. And we found this growth mindset journal and had to add it to the cart.

From those not aware, Ray found himself in crisis after the toll of the pandemic and virtual schooling. He’s been in therapy for a few months now and doing better. Ray has learned emotional regulation, self-regulation, and how to control his anger. Therapy for him has helped the whole family in so many ways.

If your child is struggling, don’t hesitate to get them help. We found that you must be patient when waiting for services so early intervention is key. It took months after the initial crisis for Ray to get an appointment with a therapist.

Back to the journal, I like that this was created by a mom and her son. I was searching for a journal for Ray because he sees me writing in my journal. This is quite the gem because of the writing prompts and how things are easy for children to understand.

This journal helps Ray get his thoughts out and further helps him with emotional regulation. With therapy and journaling, we have seen a difference in Ray. I think this journal is perfect because it helps with sorting out emotions, putting those feelings into words, and making sense of it all.

We recorded a podcast about Ray’s mental health crisis if you want to check it out!–Mental-Health-Crisis-and-Dear-Dad-e1as4h9


To check out the journal: