12 Books Our Preschooler Loves To Read

Welcome back to the blog! These are the books that Ry, our four-year-old, is enjoying and reading. When deciding on books for Ry, we think about character building, books that teach about morals and values, and things he loves like trucks and dinosaurs. Ry enjoys reading and is great at memorizing a story and reading it back to us. 

12 Books Our Preschooler Loves To Read

This is just a classic story and Ry never gets tired of reading this one. It’s a great story about the seasons and just a cute book. 


Now, this is not necessarily a reading book but our preschooler loves activity books like this one with stickers. And he’s learning new words of vehicles. So even though it’s a fun activity book, he still learns something. And this is great for screen free activity fun.  


As I mentioned earlier, I love books that teach morals, values and being a good person. Walter does his best to help neighbors and things don’t go as planned. It’s a cute humorous tale and teaches about kindness and being a good neighbor. 


We absolutely love the Elephant and Piggie stories. This book is about patience as they wait for a huge surprise. And now whenever Ry has to wait, he opens this book.


This is one of Ry’s favorite books. It’s a positive and uplifting book and just makes you feel good after you read it. It has eye-catching images and it takes you on quite the journey. 



Ry loves asking why so this book was just fitting. We like to just flip through the book randomly and learn something new. Great images and easy for toddlers and preschoolers to understand. 

Very easy book to read! Ry enjoys this because he said the bear looks silly in the small chair. It’s about patience and resolving conflict so great lessons in this story. 


This is a book with helping to regulate emotions. He tries everything to get out of this grumpy mood and nothing helps until he learns to sit with his grumpiness. Great book for preschoolers as they learn about feelings and learning to work through their emotions. 


Ry loves noodles so we picked up this book. Boomer, the moose, is on quite the mission to enjoy his favorite pasta. Cute story indeed. 


If your child likes silly and funny books, they will enjoy this one. We got the set with the book and the dragon included and that just made this even more enjoyable for Ry. 



This book combines Ry’s two favorite things, diggers and dinosaurs. It’s a cute story with great images and rhyming. Ry always takes this book off the shelf to read. That’s how much he enjoys this book.


This is such a cute story that both Ray and Ry enjoy equally. It’s a great conversation starter for talking about fears and worries. 


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