Why We Love Children’s Museum Atlanta

One of our favorite things to do in Atlanta with kids is visiting the Children’s Museum. We love that they switch up the exhibits and activities so it’s never the same experience twice. It’s a great museum for play with lots of interactive things to do. Pretend play is so important as it encourages imagination, improves language skills and supports social and emotional development.

We haven’t been to the museum in awhile just because everything’s been so crazy but we’re venturing back out and enjoying life. What I also love about this Museum is that they have a family free day so everyone gets a chance to experience the museum.

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This is our trip through pictures! The new exhibit is Storyland so the kids enjoyed seeing things from their favorite books. Be sure to check out this museum. It’s such a great time!

The sessions are timed and right now you can’t just walk up and buy tickets. They have a morning session and afternoon session.

The Farm to Table exhibit is a big hit for Ray and Ry especially Ray. It has the farm, grocery store, cash register and Waffle House themed kitchen. It’s nothing like seeing all the kids filling up their carts and running to the kitchen to cook. Ray liked the kitchen and Ry liked the cash register.

There are a lot of things to do and learn at the exhibit. In the above picture, the kids are doing an activity where they guess which tower would fall first. And the best part was the shaking table and it explains why one fell before the other.

These are other things they enjoyed at the museum. Ry really enjoyed fishing.

Storyland is the newest exhibit and Ray and Ry enjoyed it. Ray liked the telephone most.

Ray and Ry enjoying learning through play. They enjoyed the delivery truck one a lot.

There’s a lot a photo booth which is always a cool experience. Ry couldn’t figure out how to get in frame. There’s always next time!

This was our trip to Children’s Museum Atlanta. Hope you enjoyed seeing the photos and the museum through our lyns.

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