10 Kids Arts + Crafts Ideas

Ray and Ry enjoy arts and crafts. They enjoy creating new things and it’s a great way for some screen free fun. They have had a ton of time during the pandemic to create something new. That’s why we started the art shop to share our art with the world.

These are some arts and crafts ideas for kids to enjoy. These same crafts can be used as home decor and gifts and just a great way to pass time.

1. Wood Boxes or Figures

You can go into any craft store or even Dollar Tree and find wood boxes or any wood figures. This is a cool project because you get to paint and decorate the box or figure any way that you want. And it’s a useable craft and could even be used as decor in the home. Ray and Ry enjoyed this project a lot and finding unique shaped boxes was always a fun adventure.

This was a Mommy and me craft! We found these wood rainbows and had to bring them home!

2. Cool Picture Frames

This is also a fun project Ray and Ry enjoyed. We found most of these frames at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. They were able to paint them and design them anyway that they want. You can add gems and stickers and paint the frames. And at the end, you have a really nice picture frame.

3. Canvas Paintings And Projects

This was probably their favorite craft of all. They enjoyed creating new paintings on canvas and it was cool to see what they would create. And you can even tape down stencils and it’s always a nice reveal of a new painting. We used a Marvel stencil and Ray really enjoyed doing that one. And besides painting, you can use the canvas for other projects. You can use it to glue down flowers, stickers, gems and other 3D objects. We even learned how to do pour paintings and it was cool learning new skills. It’s just a fun craft and you can create so many cool things with canvas.

This is a painting that Ry helped Mom to create.

4. Shadow Boxes

This was also a favorite of theirs. This does require adult supervision and participation because usually you have to use a hot glue gun to glue down the objects. But it’s nice to see this project come together. And you can even paint a phrase or name on the front of the frame to personalize it even more.

5. Water Bottle

If you have a child in school or even camp, usually they have a water bottle. Personalizing water bottles was fun for them and it definitely didn’t get mixed up with someone else’s. In stores, they usually have transfererable stencils or even water bottle stickers.

6. My Own Tote

Ray and Ry use tote bags to carry around their toys, sketchbooks and knit knacks. So, another fun project is making a tote bag uniquely theirs. They have specific paint to use on tote bags but we also used acrylic paint. You can use stencils or freely paint and you have a unique bag. You can use any bag you want for this craft. Usually the craft stores have tote bags, handbags, bookbags and crossbody bags that you can design.

7. Ready Made Crafts

Stores have a ton of these ready made crafts. These are crafts that include everything you need and you just sit down and enjoy the activity. It’s a great way to learn a new skill and figure out what your child really enjoys doing. We have picked up a lot of these crafts and it’s just easy to pull out the box, have everything you need and get right to work on a new craft.

8. Make Your Own Magnets

This is a really fun activity. We found these little wood shapes and just added the magnet to the back and we had our own magnets in minutes. Now we have a ton of magnets because they really enjoyed making the magnets.

9. Keychains

We found these wood keychains at Michaels and just designed them the way we wanted. We painted them and added gems and made our own keychains. Now we can add them to our bags and it was a nice craft to create.

10. Need A Sign

There are so many cool shape signs in craft stores. You find a stencil to add to the sign and you have a nice sign in minutes.

These are the ten arts and crafts activities your little ones are sure to enjoy.