Before You Buy The 5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Mini Toy Store

*Written from Ray and Ry’s mom perspective*

Surprise toys are all the rage and it’s nothing like buying these mystery toys and seeing what’s inside. As a mom, I haven’t found any surprise toys worth the hype or the money. It’s always been overpriced and overhyped junk honestly. Ray and Ry have a toy channel and we like to open a variety of toys on the channel. Being a toy reviewer comes with the huge responsibility of being honest and letting other consumers know if a toy is worth it or not. The problem is that some influencers hype up these toys and never show the bad and gets their audience excited to buy these toys.

We decided to buy this mini toy store on a whim because I, the mom, personally think the mini brands are the cutest concept. I think the actual surprise toys where you open up the egg and see what mini brands are inside is so cool and to see your product so mini is just cute. Ray and Ry are not really into the surprise toys but they do watch the unboxing videos and was just as interested in this toy as I was so we bought it. 

I thought this mini toy store would be a great way to store the mini brands that come in the eggs but I was wrong. This toy comes in so many pieces and it seems pieces were missing so it was hard to build. The instructions could have been better as well and it took some time to assemble. You have to buy more shelving and mini brands to stock the store so it won’t look exactly like the model on the box but it comes close. I think this concept is really cute but could use some fine tuning. The pieces are extremely flimsy and this isn’t the greatest quality. And it comes apart pretty easily as well. This is a $30 toy and in my opinion, it’s not worth it. 

Now, the good part about the toy is the excitement of opening the mystery figures that came with it and the packaging is so cute. I think what would make this even better is just quality. It would also be great if you could fold this up just so it’s easier to store. You can add more things to this store as you open the mini brands eggs so that’s the neat part about it.  It’s also a nice and vibrant color which is a plus. And the mini brands concept is just adorable and this would be a great toy for imaginative play.

I was a little disappointed in this toy but I think it’s a great concept. If they fix the quality of this and make it easier to assemble, this toy would be worth the buy. The end result came out super cute but it didn’t take long for everything to fall apart. 

What did Ray and Ry think?

It’s so awesome!


Trash. It’s hard to put together.


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