R + R Park Reviews | Briarwood Park – Dekalb County GA Playgrounds

One thing that the boys love doing most besides playing with toys is going to the park and enjoying nature. We went to several different parks during the summer and decided to share our thoughts of the parks we visited on our blog. 

This is a look at one of the playgrounds, the obstacle course and the walking trail. It’s not a huge walking trail, just from the garden to the rec center and pool. It was a great nature walk for the kids. 


This is what the other playground looks like. It’s for the younger children and in the shade which is a win in Georgia. 

Briarwood Park is located in Brookhaven which is in Dekalb County. This park really has everything and was one of our favorite parks we visited. It has two separate playgrounds, an obstacle course, a walking trail and a garden. This also has a neat recreation center and huge swimming pool. It’s a really nice park with a ton of space and something for every age group. 

Wanted to share some photos of Ray and Ry enjoying the park. This definitely became one of our favorite parks. 


2235 Briarwood Way NE

Brookhaven GA 30319