What We Think About The Micromachines Corvette Raceway Playset

We were just in the toy aisles checking out toys and this caught our eye. We thought it was cool that it was a toy car that transformed into a playset. Both boys love toy cars and playsets so this was the best of both worlds.

We love that this is a functional toy car that you can push around on the floor. It doesn’t move around as smooth as their other toy cars but that’s a not a big deal for Ray and Ry. We think this is a unique toy and love that it transforms from a big Corvette to a playset for the mini cars.

This toy does require assembly and it was too complicated for the boys to do it. It only came with one car so be sure to buy more vehicles for this toy. In order to close it, you do have to take everything apart so it folds back up to become the car. Just make sure you keep up with all of the pieces that come with this toy.

All in all, this was a fun toy that provided hours of fun for Ray and Ry.

Mom Review: I do think this is a little pricey at $40. I think it’s a cool concept that could use some improvement. For this price, you still have to buy other mini cars to go with it which adds to the cost. Though the boys had fun with the one car, more cars would be better to really enjoy the toy. You have to reassemble and then take it down every time and it’s a bit complicated getting it just right. It comes with a lot of pieces and you would need to do a great job of keeping up with everything. I’m glad we got this on sale because I don’t think it’s worth $40.

What do Ray and Ry think?

I like that it transforms and came with a car.


It’s my favorite color.

Ry also enjoyed putting the stickers on the car!

Check out our YouTube review on this toy!