Matchbox Park + Play Garage Track Set

Ray and Ry love track sets and play sets so they were excited to find this toy. It’s a very realistic park garage with levels, gates and a working elevator. It’s great for imaginative play and it also connects to other Matchbox sets.

You have to add stickers and assemble the toy. And it’s advised to replace the batteries.

This was our first time buying a set from this brand and we were impressed. It’s nice quality, easy to put together and endless fun. It did come with one vehicle and you can buy other cars for this set. We just used toy cars we already had.

This was $20 and I definitely think it’s worth the price. Ray and Ry enjoyed pushing their cars around the garage and having the car go from the ground level to the roof. We are excited to buy other sets from this brand.

What do Ray and Ry think?

It was very fun. I like the sounds of the elevator. Be-bop.


It’s cool!


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