Look What We Got From Half Price Books

Half Price Books is a bookstore in our area that sells used and new books, CDs, DVDs, records, textbooks and more. It is one of our favorite places to go to shop for new books to add to our bookshelf. These are the things we got from our recent trip to Half Price Books.

Ray loves telling jokes so he was excited to find this book. And it’s perfect because he’s also 8.

Ray and Ry love animals and learning new things about animals so this encyclopedia about animals was perfect for them.

Ray and Ry also found a cool reference book about dinosaurs. We can’t wait to read this one and learn new cool facts about dinosaurs. They love dinosaurs so it was nice finding this book.

We realized the boys didn’t have a lot of bedtime stories so we picked up this collection of bedtime stories.

Found these flashcards for Ry. These are as big as the box shown and heavy duty cards so they won’t get messed up easily. Ry is already loving these cards.

I was so happy to find a dictionary. It was the one thing we were really needing. It was only $3 and it’s going to be perfect as Ray gets more and more curious about the meaning of words.

Ray saw this and had to have it! It’ll be perfect for his pencils, crayons and anything else. I love finding cute little things like this at Half Price Books.

These are all things we found on this trip to Half Price Books.