Why We Started RayandRy’s Art Shop? | Our Struggles of Being Homeless and Having A Business

Hi everyone!

This blog is written by Mom! This is the story of how our business, RayandRy’s Art Shop, started. 


The Why Behind The Shop

RayandRy’s Art Shop has been a labor of love for the past two years. It is imperfectly perfect art made by Ray and Ry and their Mom. Ray and Ry are very involved in their shop and love creating. It’s not perfect and we don’t strive to be perfect. We just love creating and sharing our art with the world.
It all started when I noticed how much Ray loved drawing and painting. He’s been loving this since he was a baby and that’s why I shared the collage of him painting over the years.
I also noticed his little brother, Ry, had the same love for creating and painting and this idea popped up in my head. 


The Ups and Downs of RayandRy’s Art Shop

I went to Ray with this wild idea back in 2019 that we should create an art shop. And Ray was down for it and we started RayandRy’s Art Shop back in March of 2019. I had no idea what I was doing and I didn’t really understand how to run a business. After no sales for months, I closed the Etsy shop and I took a break from it and just focused on other things. 
We restarted the business in March of 2020. This was when the quarantine started and we just needed something to do. We’re homeless and living in a hotel and creating made Ray and Ry so happy. As the quarantine continued, I noticed Ray getting depressed and the only thing that brought him out of it was creating for the art shop and his YouTube channel. I believe this creative avenue saved his life and he’s still with us today because of RayandRy’s Art Shop. 
Now running our business from the hotel has been very challenging between finding space for the paintings and materials, getting things shipped to us, taking decent photos with the yellow lights in the hotel and just not having enough space. We took all of our photos outside in an empty parking lot just so we could get decent photos.  Despite all of those challenges, we had a couple of sales this time around but we were paying more for the store than we were getting so I had to close it again. But, I knew we would get back to it better than before but I needed time to rethink our strategy. 



Now, we are relaunching again 3/30/2021 and I think this is the perfect timing and we are back better than ever. We have a business address so we’re able to get the necessary things we need for the shop and also get our LLC and business license. It has been a long road to this point but this journey is what makes it all worth it.  I understand business so much better now and I just feel like this time around, we will be very successful and I hope if you’re reading this, you will support our new venture as well.  
RayandRy’s Art Shop is something we are very proud of and happy about. It’s the one thing that keeps us going and we are always coming up with different ideas for the shop. Like I stated earlier Ray and Ry are very involved in their store from what we create, how much to price things and how to market. This has been such a learning experience for them and I hope you all check out our store when we relaunch. Pay close attention to our social media for discount codes and giveaways on 3/30.  We are selling on both their website (What A Fun Life) and Etsy. 
WeAreRayandRy on YouTube (we have a few videos of us creating there) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiNAptC0BHE1CK3X_H9X4uQ
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