Halloween 2020 | How We Enjoyed The Day

One of Ray’s favorite holidays is Halloween. He loves dressing up and enjoying all the festivities that come with this time of the year. I just remember fall being filled with good food, festivals and lots of fun. This year was completely different due to the pandemic but we still enjoyed ourselves.

All of our usual festivities were cancelled but we found a church near us doing a trunk or treat. At the last minute, we found their costumes and enjoyed the day.

Can you guess what Ray and Ry are? This was them heading to the trunk or treat.

People decorated their trunks so nicely. We had to take a photo in front of this one. Ray is a fighter pilot and Ry is a firemen.

What made this year so different was that we had to wear a mask. Ry kept taking his on and off. But everyone else had on a mask and keeping their distance. They even used a grabber to put the treat bags in their bags.

As you can see they are six feet apart and she has on gloves and using a grabber to put the treats in their bags. I love how they tried to make everything as safe as possible and the kids were still able to enjoy the day. It was a win-win for everyone.

Halloween 2020 was definitely one for the books! What did you do to enjoy the day if you did anything?

Happy Halloween 🎃