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The other day, Ray and Ry found the coolest toy ever! They found the Spinmaster Launch and Defend Batmobile RC at Target. Ry spotted it on the shelves and we just had to buy it. Ray and Ry love action figures and playsets so we had to get this toy.

The vehicle is the coolest RC vehicle we have seen. It has real rubber treads, aerodynamic wings and the cockpit lights up. Included in the box was the Batmobile vehicle, a controller, a 4″ Batman figure and an instruction guide.

What we love about this toy! The instruction guide is so helpful and very simple to understand. It gives the right amount of details so you understand how to work every little feature of the toy. We love the controller and it was easy to use for a two year old and seven year old. We love that it’s like a game controller too. The Batmobile is small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space and it doesn’t make a lot of noise so that’s a win. We love that the Batman can be ejected out of the cockpit of the Batmobile and watching him fly out made Ray and Ry laugh so much.

This is one action packed toy and great for all ages even Mommy had fun playing with this toy. This toy is on the pricier side of toys at almost forty dollars. This was worth it to us because this toy is a lot of fun and I can tell they put a lot of details into the product. The design, functionality and just the little details make the toy worth it.

The USB is provided with the toy so you can charge the Batmobile. This is also when the cockpit lights up. I love how they made it attached to the vehicle so we don’t lose the cord.

This also has a 2.4 GHz frequency so you can race up to six vehicles at once. This was a problem with another RC car that we had so I’m glad I can pick up another one and the boys can race their vehicles.

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