First Time Going to the Playground in Months

It has been about four months since the boys had a chance to play on the playground. They have been able to go to the park and walk the trails but the playgrounds were closed. Yesterday, we found a park that had an opened playground.

Ray and Ry were running around so happy and they were so excited about being back on a playground. This playground was more of an obstacle course so there wasn’t your usual swings and slides but they still had a good time. Here’s some photos from their time at the playground.

The race to the playground !

When Ray and Ry finally got to the playground, there were other people there and they couldn’t really stay six feet away on the playground. So, they just waited around and let the other family enjoy the playground.

Ray and Ry walked around a little bit while they waited to play on the playground. We found this cool little spot with wooden statues. If you look on the photo with Ray, you will see an owl on the tree.

Then the boys were able to explore the playground.

Ray was terrified of this bridge at the park but he made a few steps across and turned around. And he ended up going on his own for a little bit too. It was a good exercise for Ray to push past his fears and know if he puts his mind to it, he can do anything.

These are pictures of Ry enjoying the park!

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