Through Their Eyes | Kids Having Fun While Quarantined

The New Normal

Life is a little different since the pandemic hit the states. We have had to shelter in place and limit our time in public spaces. School is out and we have to find ways to occupy our time and have as much fun as possible. There’s no trips to playgrounds, theme parks or children attractions. There’s not even fun trips to the grocery store anymore. And that means the boys are extremely bored and want to get out.

I had to think of ways to get the boys out the house and still socially distance. I noticed the popular walking trails in our area had a lot of foot traffic and there was no way to safely socially distance. We don’t live somewhere where we have a yard and it’s too dangerous to play in the parking lots where people are constantly going and coming. I wasn’t sure how my kids would embrace this new normal.

Ray, of course, misses school and the Zoom meetings with his friends helps a little but it’s nothing like seeing them in person. He’s only 6 but he understands a lot when it comes to this virus. He asks to go to places like the movies and the bowling alley and we just have to explain that it’s not safe to go to those places yet. He notices the empty parking lots, that our routine is much different and that people are wearing masks and gloves.

He understands why he must wash hands frequently, why he can’t come into the stores with Mom and grandma and why he has to wear a mask out in public.

And then there is Ry. Our little 2 year old that throws a fit everytime he has to put on a mask. I’m sure he’s too little to understand exactly what’s going on. Ry loved coming into stores with us and he throws a fit anytime you get out the car without him. We also went to a new nature trail and the first thing he noticed was the playground and was so upset he couldn’t play on the playground. It’s a little harder for our toddler to embrace this new normal than our 6 year old.

So, maybe you’re wondering how I have kept the boys occupied through this whole ordeal. I will provide a few ways that I have kept my rambunctious boys occupied while inside and ways we are still enjoying the great outdoors.

If we’re inside, we have been doing puzzles, dance parties, imaginative play and creating lots of art for RayandRy’s Art Shop. I think doing those things have kept their minds off of things and these things were a lot of fun for them.

Finding things to do outside has been a little trickier. During this time, we would have been at every spring and summer festival having the time of our lives. We have had to find new ways to have fun adventures. These are the different ways we are enjoying outdoors now.

We bought the boys new bikes.

We took advantage of the empty malls and shopping plazas’ parking lots so the boys could play with their toys, ride bikes, run and walk.

We found a spot in our neighborhood that has ducks so we’ve been visiting and feeding the ducks.

We finally found a nature trail with less foot traffic so we’re able to socially distance.

Washing the car provided an hour of fun for the boys and the best part is that it tired them out.

We have had car picnics and picnics outside in empty parking lots.

We have went on numerous scavenger hunts outside.

We have had to make our fun and it hasn’t been so bad !

We are just making the best of this situation and making sure the kids are well adjusted and happy.

Tell us what this experience has been like for your family. How are your kids taking the new normal?