Atlanta Botanical Garden Is A Sight to See

When we saw that the Botanical Garden was offering free admission, we knew we had to plan a trip to check it out. In a way to honor Anne Cox Chambers who loved the Gardens, they decided to offer free admission to the public.

Anne Cox Chambers was a beloved philanthropist in Atlanta, GA

Raylan and Rylan found a cool chair as we started our adventure of exploring the Gardens !

I knew that this would be something that Ray would love since he loves nature and plants. What I didn’t expect was for my little Ry to also enjoy the experience. Atlanta Botanical Garden is definitely something for all ages to enjoy.



It was a little crowded since it was the weekend and also free but still easy to get around and enjoy the Gardens. There was a lot of walking so I’m glad we brought the stroller. These are all the cool things that we saw and explored!


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The Lou Glenn Children’s Garden was the best part to explore with Ray and Ry. They had a chance to play, explore the gardens and even touch different plants to feel the textures. 

These are more cool images from the Children’s Garden. The boys could beat on these two little drums and also see how tall they are !

There was also this little wall where they could paint with water. Such a cool activity for Ray and Ry. 


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We got a chance to see so much from plants, flowers and lots of greenery. 

Cute Candid moments of Ray ! 

Cute Candid moments with Ry !

Atlanta Botanical Garden is a sight to see and was an amazing experience for Ray and Ry.  I definitely want to go back when it’s less crowded and probably in the Spring. I want the boys to get the chance to see the bees and all the beautiful flowers that will  bloom during the Spring. Hope you all enjoyed the photos from our time at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Here’s a video slideshow of some of the amazing photos we took!

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