Our Trip to the King Center Atlanta on MLK Day

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

On MLK Day, we decided to take a trip to the King Center in Atlanta. Our 6-year-old learned about civil rights and Martin Luther King in school. He wanted more information and I knew this would be the perfect place to take him. There were so many artifacts, information, interactive galleries and films to navigate. I think it’s important for him to learn about his history, how far we’ve come and to also feel like he can be apart of the change in this country. It was just such a beautiful experience and I recommend everyone take a trip if they can.


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These are some of the photos from our trip to the King Center.

Raylan thought this exhibit was the most interesting. He couldn’t believe people were thrown in jail for fighting for their rights. We learned that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was arrested 14 times.

A look at the interactive galleries. The little ones were able to get a deeper look into things while interacting with the exhibits. Nothing like a hands-on experience to bring everything together.

There was also a cool playground to explore. It was pretty cold so we didn’t get a chance to explore long.

Why You Should Visit

This was our trip to the King Center. We also went to the theater of the King Center and watched a moving film called Children of Courage. This film showed how young people were involved in the civil Rights movement.

We had a chance to learn history and really understand what people went through for our freedoms today. And the playground was a nice ending to the trip. The King Center also offers house tours so you can see the house Dr. Martin Luther King Jr grew up in. We were a little late getting to the center so we missed the last tour of the day. These are the reasons I think going to the King Center is a great idea.

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